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About Eight Bells

My name is Chris Cooper and I live my life on the water.


I have my USCG 100-GRT Captain's License and am a Certified Instructor with the American Sailing Association (ASA) for monohulls and catamarans.  I have more than 10,000 nautical miles of offshore sailing experience, including an Atlantic crossing.  I can confidently sail your boat, and I can teach you to do the same.


I am your go-to guy for getting you on the water in your own boat, from private lessons to boat deliveries to Surveys.


A note about the name of my company, Eight Bells:


As a U.S. Naval Academy alum and 26-year Navy veteran who was qualified to command nuclear-powered submarines, I have great respect and love of nautical traditions.  A nautical clock divides the day into 4-hour shifts (known as ‘watches’) with 1 bell added for each -hour of a 4-hour watch:  8:30 = 1 bell, 9:00 = 2 bells, 9:30 = 3 bells … 12:00 = 8 bells; the clock rings 8 bells at 4:00, 8:00, and 12:00 (am & pm).  When you hear Eight Bells, you know your shift has ended and it is time to relax.  


I created Eight Bells to help you relax at the end of your workday.

Clean Boat


New to boating or want a little extra guidance? Sign up for a private boat lesson today! We spend the lesson on your boat ensuring you leave confident and comfortable. 


Full day = $350

1/2 day = $200

hourly = $50/hour

10% military veteran / first responder discount

25% Active Duty military discount

Image by Michael Held

Boat Delivery

$500 per day plus expenses if sailing through the night (expenses include: food, travel, safety equipment, and other items as negotiated)

$350 per day plus expenses if stopping every night (or if need to pull in for repairs)

10% military veteran / first responder discount

25% Active Duty military discount

Boat Delivery


Pre-Purchase Condition & Valuation

Starting at $20/foot for small craft, up to $30/foot for larger craft (plus $10/ft. for sea trials)

Hourly rate - $120, day rate - $950, minimum charge - $400


Insurance Renewal Survey



Damage Survey



Inspection to confirm listing condition and price

$100-$200 depending upon boat length

(Any amount over $100 is credited towards Pre-Purchase Condition & Valuation)


10% veteran / first responder discount

25% Active Duty military discount



Excellent sail.  Captain Chris is a knowledgeable, affable, and humorous instructor.  I highly recommend Captain Chris for lessons or cruises. 


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